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Google Universal Analytics Sunset Survival Guide

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**Universal Analytics has been deleted by Google from 1 July. Please check you still have access to your UA property before buying this item*

Master the Shift with the Google Universal Analytics Sunset Survival Guide before 1 July 2024.

As the sunset date for Google Universal Analytics (UA) looms closer, marking the complete transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on July 1, 2024, capturing what you want from your historical reports is essential.

Our online resource, the Google Universal Analytics Sunset Survival Guide, is your trusty companion through this transition.

Why You Need This Universal Analytics Sunset Guide

Google is not just phasing out Universal Analytics but eliminating access to your UA data.

This closure of UA means any historical data and metrics you rely on for business insights won’t just be outdated; they’ll be inaccessible.

Transitioning to GA4 isn’t just about learning a new interface – it’s about rethinking how you measure success. That’s where our guide steps in.

Key Features

Detailed Comparisons:

Understand at a glance what metrics are in UA and how they translate to GA4. There will be no more guessing games on what data corresponds to where.

Actionable Insights:

With expert tips and clear instructions, you’ll discover which Universal Analytics data is worth capturing for a service-based information site or eCommerce store.

Stop Exporting Bad Data:

Not all data is worth exporting from Universal Analytics. This guide will help you focus on the key areas to save you time and headaches.

Future-Proof Your Analytics:

Equip yourself with the key statistics to compare your historical performance and establish meaningful benchmarks as you enter the next financial year.

Transitioning is not just necessary; it’s inevitable.

Be sure to get your data before your data disappears.