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Meet Ray, your website analytics data nerd

If you’ve come this far, perhaps we’ve not met in person, or you want to get to know me on a deeper level.

My name’s Ray Pastoors, and I’m based in Brunswick, Victoria.

Bringing over 20 years of marketing experience across small businesses and corporations, I like to understand how things work.

My interest in website analytics came from working for Origin Energy as a social media marketer. I was intrigued by Facebook’s ad results and wanted to know the full user journey.

Yes, Facebook was telling us we got X amount of clicks. But what did these people do when they got to our website? Did they leave? Or did they explore other pages?

When investing in marketing dollars, you want to ensure you get the best return. So, it made sense to also tap into the website analytics to find this all out.

Meet Ray Pastoors your GA4 expert and digital marketing human
Meet Ray Pastoors your GA4 expert and digital marketing human

My values are core to my work ethic

Open book

I believe that we should be transparent about things. So I'm always one to point out things that don't work and to let you know of any roadblocks.

Solution focused

No use crying over spilt milk, I prefer to find a solution to issues. My optimistic and curious mind make the perfect combo to deliver for your project.

Planet giver

Every time you work with me, I donate 1% to environmental causes. I'm also the proud founder of True Green® Hosting.

My experience starts with lucky 7

My first-ever business venture was selling stickers for the Australian Koala Foundation. We still support the charity today by adopting a koala through our business True Green® Hosting.

As a teenager, I would get up early on the weekend to get my old metal trolley and stack it up with newspapers. As a paperboy for the local newsagent, it meant meeting people from different parts of the community. After a good paper run, I counted up the sales and, from my commission, loved treating myself to Harry Potter chocolate frogs.


I would import products from overseas, engage in dropshipping and run an online store from my bedroom. This later turned into a physical bedroom store, where I should have picked up I did not need a cash register for a store that had barely any visits.

If you steer away from the entrepreneurial ventures, my first paying job was at Red Rooster. It was here I became what some might call a ‘checkout chick’ and later climbed the ranks to be an Assistant Store Manager. I still love Red Rooster today, those cheesy nuggets are golden (just like good data).

After working as a call centre rep and studying marketing, I wanted to learn more about Origin Energy from a brand and social media perspective. So, when the job opportunity came up, it was a no-brainer.

As a social media marketer, I was curious about what users were doing beyond our Facebook ads.

I quickly learned about website analytic tools like Adobe & Google Analytics. I started to figure out how to create reports, what metrics (indicators of data performance) meant, and what they could be used to interpret what was happening.

I admired Kate Toon for a long time. Most of all, I fully agreed with her no-BS approach to marketing and topics. She was also highly transparent and a good egg.

So when the chance to become an endorsed expert came up, it was the perfect chance for me to demonstrate my knowledge by breaking down complex topics into terms everyday business owners could understand.

As a result, I provide Google Analytics resources and training in Kate’s Recipe for SEO Success course and Digital Marketing Collective membership.

Throughout my corporate experience in energy, financial services, healthcare, and not-for-profits, I’ve come to terms with what key parts of the user journey matter and which ones are less so based on an organisation’s goals.

Understanding the metrics (what to track) and how to set them up is a key part of delivering value in the analytic tools and improving your marketing performance.

As a hot tip, Google Analytics is not the only tool we should use. The best analysis comes from putting together different sources to determine what the data tells us. For example, asking your customers, using your Facebook data and tools like Hotjar for screen recordings.

The introduction of GA4 was a challenge in itself. Alike other people, the tool was entirely new. So I had to quickly rummage through the Google help centre, read articles, watch tutorials and play with my Google Analytics properties to understand what was happening.

Google did not make it easy and still does not.

By learning GA4 and the intricate details, I was able to simplify it and partner up with some amazing people. That included groups like The Elevatory and Wise Up Marketing.

After setting up over 120 Google Analytics properties, I decided to close the chapter of my digital marketing agency, LYF Solutions and focus my energy on my personal brand ‘Ray Pastoors’ to make Google Analytics easier for more people.

And that’s where we land today. A new brand with a better offering tailored to make website analytics easier and affordable for more people.