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Custom Google Looker Report

$1,500.00 + GST (Australia)

Want to make reporting easier for you or your stakeholders?

Google Looker simplifies your website/app reporting.

We can create tables, and charts and even show page flow (referrer to page visit) from visitors using the tools available in Google Looker.

This solution is best for those who find the Google Analytics 4 dashboard overwhelming or want a more customised offering.

What’s included with a custom Google Looker report?

  • Set up of Google Looker report and link with Google Analytics 4 data
  • Map out report needs based on your goals or website actions
  • 5x pages of standard-length reports, e.g. tables, line/bar charts, key performance indicators with % change, etc.
  • Filters to easily view traffic, e.g. by campaign source, channel, converted users, etc.
  • Date filter with comparison based on last month, last year or agreed timeframe
  • Customise colours to match your brand
  • Add your brand logo to the report
  • Access to the report for you to utilise and share in the future


Google Looker is a free tool from Google.

Not all metrics and dimensions are available in Google Looker as GA4 continues to evolve e.g. exit rate.