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Google Analytics 4 eCommerce Setup + Event Tracking

$920.00 + GST (Australia)

Do you run an online store?

Google Analytics 4 can provide you with deeper insights than you view on your eCommerce dashboard, e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce reports, etc.

With this package, you can get your Google Analytics 4 eCommerce setup sorted.

That way, you can track not only the events that happen at purchase but also what occurs prior to purchases (or those who don’t checkout).

What’s included in this eCommerce package?

  • 1x setup or review of GA4 property
  • 1x GA4 Audit checklist with detailed steps
  • 1x assistance/tutorial in syncing GA4 with your website
  • Google Tag Manager setup or review
  • Plugin installation (if required e.g. WooCommerce requires a plugin)
  • Event creation up to 25 events in total (if applicable)
  • Setup events in Google Tag Manager
  • Test events are firing correctly
  • Test verification


If your eCommerce store is a custom solution outside of the usual platforms and uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to collect payments, you may need a custom solution and quote. Please contact us with more information about your setup for a quote.

For service and information-based websites with no shop, please purchase the other website package.