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Google Analytics 4 Setup or Review

$330.00 + GST (Australia)

Ready to get started on Google Analytics 4? Or have you already got it set up but want to make sure it’s working correctly?

Introducing our Google Analytics 4 Setup and Review service.

As part of this service, I will review your Google Analytics 4 property in detail, or set it up following best practices.

You’ll also receive the Google Analytics 4 audit checklist so you can see which steps we cover and what next steps you need to take.

It’s important to note that the GA4 setup assistant from Google Analytics in your Admin dashboard does not cover everything you need. Hence, this audit will be key to making sure your data is flowing correctly and in working order.

What’s included

  • Access to video tutorial and form to make the process easy
  • 1x Google Analytics 4 property setup (or review)
  • 1x Audit checklist for 1 property
  • 1x Testing to ensure your GA4 tag is firing on your website and or app


If you’d like to track events (interactions on your website), then I would recommend purchasing the other packages.